28 metre Dutch barge Catharina in MSO dry dock London

Before the Survey

On receipt of your initial enquiry we will contact you to ascertain your detailed requirements in order to provide a quote for the services requested. We will send this with our standard Terms and Conditions. Once you have signed and returned the Contract Agreement we will find a date suitable to all parties for the survey to take place. If the vessel is at a brokerage we will liaise with them to arrange access to the vessel. If it is a private sale than we will make suitable arrangements with the current owner. If the vessel is afloat and you require a hull survey we will need to ensure that suitable lifting arrangements are in place. Likewise if you require a rigging survey and the vessel is ashore we will need to ensure that suitable mast unstepping arrangements are in place.

During the Survey

One of our surveyors will arrive at the vessel’s location before the appointed time to ensure that the vessel is where it is supposed to be, that access is available to the vessel and that the vessel is in a safe condition to survey. Some preparatory work by the owner / broker at this stage will make for a much more effective survey. Lockable hatches should be unlocked, the vessel’s inventory should be removed, cupboards should be emptied and any other measures to assist the surveyor in getting to / at the hull interior.

Time spent emptying the sail locker is time not spent surveying!”

1979 Gronhein 33 motor yacht Jacoby
1935 converted wooden fishing vessel Houseboat Petrenda

After the Survey

Once the survey is complete and the vessel is re-secured our surveyor will depart the location and head back to the office to start to organise his thoughts, notes and photographs in preparation for writing the survey report. It is understandable that many owners / buyers will want instant feedback regarding the findings of the survey. A little patience on your part will enable the surveyor ro come to a full and considered conclusion as to the state of the vessel and avoid the risk of providing premature praise / condemnation of the vessel.
The survey report will typically be 10 to 20 pages in length containing the surveyor’s observations, photographic evidence and conclusions with recommendations where appropriate. Should you require a soft copy to be sent to you electronically this will require some compression (and loss of detail) for the digital photographs. Full resolution pictures can be made available and sent with the hard copy of the report if required.